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Agenda Topics

League of Arab States

Arab League Rules of Procedure

A. Proposing methods of best practice for military response in dealing with civil unrest and protests

B. Assessing the state of women and children in current and post-conflict areas and formulating strategies on how the League can better address safety concerns.

European Union

EU Rules of Procedure

A. Issues involving Russia, Ukraine, and the Caucuses

B. Combating all forms of intolerance and false media within the EU


NATO Rules of Procedure

A. The future of NATO’s mandate in Afghanistan

B. Resetting the Relationship with Russia

Security Council

Security Council Rules of Procedure

A.  Situation in Venezuela

B.  Situation in Myanmar


OAS Rules of Procedure

A. Regional strategies to tackle the spread of authoritarian regimes as a threat to democratic systems.

B. Government efforts to combat trafficking of women and girls in the Americas


A. Closing the gap between the haves and the have-nots

B. Relations between China and ASEAN regarding conduct in the South China Sea

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