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Agenda Topics

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2020 Agenda Topics

The number following each agenda item relates to the agenda item number in UN document A/74/50 (annotated preliminary agenda for the 74th session of the General Assembly). For GA and ECOSOC Committees, all three topics will be debated. For the Security Council, agenda order will be determined during committee and all agenda topics may not be debated.

NEW THIS YEAR: Click the links below for the committee topics and a brief overview prepared by our staff. Also introducing for the first time at MAMUN, the Disarmament and International Security Committee.

General Assembly (GA) Committees

I. Disarmament and International Security Committee

II. Special Political Committee

III. Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee

IV. Science and Technology Committee

V. Legal Committee

Security Council

The Security Council sets its own agenda at the conference. These are the recommended topics to consider. Delegates should be prepared to discuss topics that could arise.

A.. The Situation in the Middle East

B. The Situation in Venezuela

C. Reports of the Secretary-General on the Sudan and South Sudan

D. Nuclear proliferation and DPR Korea

F. Open

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