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Sample Resolution

Please note: When submitting resolutions online, do not enter line numbers. Only operative clauses should numbered, as seen below.

Submitted To: The Political Committee
Submitted By: Ukraine
Subject: The role of diamonds in fueling conflict (21)

The Political Committee,

RECALLING resolution 56/263 of 9 April 2002 concerning the acknowledgement of trade in conflict diamonds as being a major threat to peace and stability wherever trade in such diamonds occurs, and

CONVINCED that trade in conflict diamonds can be halted, if not significantly reduced, and

RECOGNIZING the harm and disruption that trade in conflict diamonds brings to the countries involved, especially those suffering from insurrection funded by trade in such diamonds, and

RECALLING ALSO the fact that the overwhelming majority of rough diamonds in the world originate from legitimate sources, and

NOTING the need for nations involved in the legitimate diamond trade to protect that trade as it is a major aspect of their economies, especially those of developing countries, and

CONVINCED ALSO that participation in and progress of the Kimberly Process is a major step towards significantly reducing and eliminating the trade in conflict diamonds,

1. COMMENDS the work already accomplished by the Kimberly Process in its implementation of the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme;

2. REITERATES the illegality of trade in conflict diamonds whether it be from a rival nation or rebel movement to usurp a legitimate government;

3. URGES all member-states to participate in and, if need be, conform to the international certification scheme established by the Kimberly Process;

4. ENCOURAGES the Kimberly Process to continue its work in breaking the link between legitimate trade in diamonds and conflict diamonds;

5. DECIDES to establish, in accordance with Rule 105 of the Rules of Procedure of the General Assembly, a sub-committee composed of volunteer states, the purpose of the sub-committee being to identify organizations which proliferate and engage in the trade of conflict diamonds, to work in conjunction with the Kimberly Process in its efforts, to also work in conjunction with UNMIL, MONUC, UNAMSIL, and any other regional and subject-relevant United Nations organization to, if need be, enforce the resolutions made by the committee.

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